Reason of existence

ROCKIDS is a Charity Foundation, established in loving memory of Stijn Meijer in 2016. Stijn passed away during birth due to medical errors on 1st. June 1998. His name translated into English means Rock. The ROCKIDS Foundation is established to support disadvantaged children in less developed countries.


The primary objective of the ROCKIDS Foundation is to support the safety, health, education and wellbeing of disadvantaged children and their families regardless of religion or ethnical background.

Derived objectives are:

  • Stimulation of awareness and involvement of Dutch children with their less fortunate peers in less developed countries;
  • Challenging Western professionals to co-create solutions for/projects with our partner organizations in less developed countries;
  • Organizing ‘meaningful field visits’ to projects and partner organizations for Foundation friends and donors.


The ROCKIDS Foundation has been established by Marjolein Meijer-Nieuwenhuis and Annemieke Kornblum-Twisk. They are board members of the Foundation and found a Financial Expert and third board member in the person of Asha Nannan.

Remuneration policy

Board members receive no remuneration for their work. Project costs in the Netherlands are paid for with private funds. Project costs in Sri Lanka are funded by the local partner organizations.

Foundation Friends

Many Foundation Friends are helping ROCKIDS in different ways. We are very grateful for their support.

  • Anne Broekman and Simonet Platenburg (Chari3Cooking fundraising initiative)
  • Simonet Platenburg and Isabelle Val (Chari3Trips fundraising initiative)
  • Asha Nannan (for adopting the Deva pre-school and helping out on all fundraisers)
  • Marlou Pulles, photographer (donated the rights of the Sri Lanka photo’s)
  • Dick Claus of Claus Accountants (ROCKIDS annual report)
  • Lieze van Zonneveld, designer (design of our campaign posters and logo)
  • Mirjam de Vreede (Werfkelder Tidbits Utrecht)
  • Van der Hende Family for their field visit and fundraising support
  • Hesselink Family for their donations and field visits
  • Meijer, Kornblum and Nieuwenhuis families (for their ongoing and loving support)

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