The Rockids foundation works closely with the Tamils in Northern Sri Lanka; all involved are charming, welcoming, and wonderful people, but the language barrier between the Tamils and the Dutch presents its challenges, which can be quite funny!

Pre COVID-19, a proud Dutch delegation travelled to Sri Lanka to take place in the opening ceremony of the 2nd Rockids Foundation pre-school. The school was built in the previous war zone and met both the project timeline and budget thanks to Caritas-Valvuthayam, our local partner. In addition to the Rockids foundation, this school was also sponsored by the Nannan family and Wilde Ganzen (a Dutch charity organization).

Because the Tamil language differs strongly from the Dutch language, spelling mistakes are bound to be part of the process. If project leads don’t write very clearly, painting translations will be extremely difficult, which is exactly what happened. PRE SCHCOL was written on the school sign in large letters! When all involved were finished laughing, discretely of course, we made sure to position our tall and small guests in a strategic way to cover up the mistake. Thanks to a few tall heads, the opening ceremony pictures were still able to be sent to the sponsors and the painter hurried back to the school the next day to correct the sign. Pictures were sent once the correction was made.

In June 2021, Rockids Foundation is starting construction of our 3rd pre-school. We’ve secured sponsorship from ScanmarQED and ‘Wild Geese‘ (Wilde Ganzen) but are still looking for additional sponsors. Interested in supporting the construction of a pre-school playground? We’d love to have you join us.

We are still looking for a sponsor for the playground. Do you want to support us? Click this button or contact us via

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